Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everyday is Red, White, and Blue in my classroom

Happy Independence Day!!!

Funny brain teaser I give my kids every year:

Do they have 4th of July in England?
(The kids almost all say no, because England lost the war.)
But the answer is yes.  The calendar in England has a July 4th.

I know, I know... cheesy right?

Now on to making every day Red,White, and Blue with a patriotic room theme!

I have posted about it before here.

I will give you the highlights.
Also known as my teacher bulletin board.

I love having a border around my white board space!

I created these posters last summer as part of Made It Monday.  Find them here.
Dressing up my file cabinets. 

The kids are called a "Congress" instead of a class.  So this is their classroom library.
Don't want to forget the patriotic bulletin boards.
You can see more of them here
The end of June/ beginning of July is my shopping season for classroom decor.
Now on to the new stuff!

My kids are going to be at rectangular tables next year!  These cups are going to be used for scissors.  They were a surprise gift from Antoinette!

A giant bucket to collect our pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House, our school charity drive. 

plastic table cloths
I LOVE using plastic party tablecloths for covering bulletin boards.  They are much cheaper than fabric and they don't fade.  Each of these was less than $4.00!

Here I come, Made It Monday: patriotic flower pens!

This giant paper clip is going to be my reminder to "keep it all together."
Found at Hobby Lobby on clearance!

This is one of the trays for turning in papers.  Found it at Hobby Lobby on sale!

More trays for my desk.  Found at Target, 2 for $4.00!

Sssshhh... don't tell the fire marshal I bought these to hang under my upper cabinets.  (He waged war on paper products near or on walls last year.)  When he comes through these will be sitting on my counter, because he won't care if they are there.

Even my teacher bag fits into my room theme.
One last thing that EVERY teacher who likes their custodian needs.
A GIANT MAGNET! $4.00 at Michaels!!!
Our custodian is always reminding us that staples are bad for vacuum cleaners!
I plan to use this to pick up all the dropped staples from my hallway and classroom bulletin boards.

Hope your 4th of July is full of friends, food, and fireworks!


  1. Cute idea for a post. :) I wanted to let you know, just in case you are unaware, that it isn't possible to comment on your blog directly from Bloglovin. Readers have to close the Bloglovin task bar to comment. Not sure why, and maybe it's just me, but I thought I would let you know. :)
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  2. Brandee, thanks for the heads up! I think I have reset it so it works!