Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Follow us on bloglovin' Linky Party

Emily and I are so happy to have gotten over 100 followers on bloglovin' and we are wanting this number to grow!

So we are linking up with Blog Hoppin' for a linky party where you can find a bunch of amazing blogs in one spot.

So follow us on bloglovin' and "hop on over" to Blog Hoppin' to join the linky party and find some great blogs to follow!

Thanks :)


  1. Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and becoming my newest follower. Now I've joined your blog, and I'm going to check out your new linky party and your blog. I like this orange background.

    Susan K.

    1. Thanks Susan! :)
      So happy to have you as a follower, also!
      Hope Emily and I are able to give you some great teaching ideas!
      Look forward to reading more from yours, too!

  2. So sad my bloglovin' number is so much lower than my google number. Hopefully it'll catch up at some point!

    Teach On.

    1. I TOTALLY know how you feel. I was soo excited to almost be at 200 and now we are back down to a little over 100.
      Emily and I are hoping the same thing.
      Thank you for being such an amazing follower! :)