Sunday, July 14, 2013

Do you have a foreign language for a special? (Need your help!)

I am in the last stages of research for my grad school class!!!!
I have been researching elementary foreign language education.  (Not immersion!)
If you have a foreign language "special" like Spanish, Chinese, etc, how often do your students have that class?
Is that language teacher just at your school or does that person also teach at the middle/ high school level?
Do think your students enjoy learning/ utilizing a foreign (world) language?

Please leave a comment!

I will post some of my research (not the boring stuff) about world languages and the common core later this week.  (Must focus on this paper 'til then!)

Thanks for ANY help you can give!  You have my eternal gratitude!



  1. Spanish is part of our regular encore rotation. So they get about forty five minutes every five days. Our elementary school has just one Spanish teacher for the whole school, and we don't share her with any other buildings.

    It's one of their favorite classes- because she incorporates what we're learning in class into her lessons. So when we study weather, the kids are learning weather words in Spanish, when we learned about famous Americans this year, she shared about some famous Costa Ricans. She goes above and beyond to blend the lessons- and always incorporates an art or music activity into the lesson.

    We are really blessed with our Spanish teacher!

    The Meek Moose

  2. Hi Emily. For the first 4 years 1996 - 2000) of my teaching career, I taught World Language to elementary students only (due to budget cuts, this is no longer offered). This is how it worked: 2 x 20 mins. for K, 1, 2;
    2 x 30 mins. for 3, 4, 5. I did French for the first half of the year; Spanish for the 2nd half. The kids really did enjoy the class, especially the younger ones. I used to sing a lot with the K - 3 students. I would play games like 7-up, Pictionary with the older kids. If you have any more questions, please let me know. My email is: