Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party

Emily and I have been going a little crazy with linky parties lately,
But I couldn't help it when I stumbled upon this one.
First it was called Let's Get Acquainted.
I like that idea...
Getting to know all of you better.
Then I saw it was about favorite teachers.
Now that's a story I can't pass up!

So I am happy I found Latoya at Flying into First Grade and her Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party.
Click the image below to link up with her and get to know some of the amazing women behind these blogs.

Now for my favorite teacher...
Her name is Mrs. Hennon and I had her as a sophomore in high school.
She was my algebra II teacher,
And she made an amazing difference in my life.
I can probably say I am a teacher today as a result of her.

So the story actually starts prior to my sophomore year.
And it involves math.
I hated math.
Struggled so much at it.

I am probably unlike most teachers when it comes to liking the teachers they had growing up.
It wasn't until my sophomore year,
That I really found teachers I liked.
Teachers that made a difference in my life.
There are a bunch after, though.
So maybe it was partially me. lol

In junior high, my math teacher let us work at our own pace.
I wasn't one to ask a lot of questions.
So I just worked and got by.

High school came along and I was placed in algebra I.
I sat in the back of the room,
And didn't pay attention.
I took notes, but had no clue what I was doing.
At the end of the quarter, we got to turn in our notes for extra credit.
So guess what???
I got a C!
That's passing baby!

My sophomore year, I transferred to a new school.
Since I got a C in algebra I,
I was placed in algebra II.
Makes sense, right??
Not to me. lol

Once again, I was clueless.
Totally bombing everything.
Mrs. Hennon took notice and started tutoring me during study hall.
Gradually, algebra got easier for me.
The light bulb came on,
And I started developing confidence in myself.

I will never forget the evening when she called my mother...
I nervously awaited the news.
I never got calls from teachers.
I was a well-behaved kid after all.
My mom seemed happy,
So I began to relax a bit.

Mrs. Hennon had called to let my mom and I know
Imagine that...
Me with an "A" in math.

From that point on,
I loved math.
It is not my best subject,
But I am pretty darn good at it!

Unfortunately, Mrs. Hennon died not long after from cancer.
Most of the students didn't like her.
She was abrupt and not always super-friendly.
But she is a number 1 teacher to me.
She is my all-time favorite teacher.

Mrs. Hennon is why I read Thank you, Mr. Falker every year.

There is such a strong connection between Patricia Polacco's experiences with reading and mine with math.
We both overcame academic challenges.
She became an author and I became a teacher.
As a reader, I completely understand how she feels because I felt that way too.
So in a way, by reading this book,
I keep Mrs. Hennon's memory alive!
Thank you, Mrs. Hennon

Who's your favorite teacher?
Join Latoya's linky party.
I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!!

Antoinette :)

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