Monday, March 3, 2014


Currently… we have been slacking.
We promise it's for a good reason.

Life… it happens.

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I LOVE my dog.  He is a strange eater.  He won't eat while the humans are eating or walking around.  Only when we are still.  So sweet.

My hubby and I have been researching adoption.  I went through 10 months of treatments for endometriosis and fertility treatments.  My hubby was right there with me.  He is an amazing person who adds comedic relief when needed and a brings me back to reality when I need it.
After MONTHS of research, we have chosen our agency.  We are going to us American Adoptions.
We plan to start our home study next week.
Now that you have seen my boys (above), it's time to get my girl.
It has taken a long time to get here.  There is almost a secret sisterhood of women out there who have gone through infertility.  If you find yourself unexpectedly in that club feel free to email me.

The idea of working on my large grad school assignment is not motivating me.
The assignment will be done and turned in on Friday by 8am.  The slacker in my is rallying as we speak.

Along with grad school I need to write sub plans for two absences this week.
Tomorrow I am participating in a webinar hosted by Aimee Buckner!!!!!
I am SOOOOO excited.  I think Aimee is a teacher's teacher.  She writes for the classroom teacher.  I could go on and on and on.

For Valentine's Day my hubby and I went to two different events.  "Scheherazade" performed by the symphony.
Then, last Friday we went to the symphony performing with the film:
It was AMAZING.  The music was beautiful.  The film was great.  (One of my all time favorites.)
I wore red shoes!!!

This is my birthday month!  My bday is during Spring Break this year.  (WOOHOO!)

Hope you have a month full of sun and warm winds!