Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Classroom website-weebly

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Antoinette and I are lucky enough to work in a district that values technology.
The school we worked at together (I'm still there), was chosen to be an eMINTS school.
To learn more click the image below.

One of the expectations was to maintain a website.

We used Nvu and Kompozer.  These free programs were EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING at times.  Images would move, for no reason.  Word spacing would change, for no reason.

The benefit was any changes made happened in "real time" and they were free.

Last year, the district switched to a Mac platform.  (Yeah!!!)
The downside, our websites were stored on the old platform.  So they were 'frozen in time' until last month.

This is where weebly comes into the story.
Our district elementary tech trainers have given us the option of using our old site or changing to weebly.
Knowing that I had spent an untold number of hours of my life creating my classroom website, I was skeptical about changing.  How many hours of work would a new site take?  Would that time be frustrating too?

Glad to say I was WRONG!

Weebly is awesome!
Choosing a template may have been the most challenging part.  There are a lot of templates to choose from, many aren't quite the "elementary" look.

Other than that, you use the tool bar and the side bars t add elements to your website, which just guide you through.  Drag, drop, and type.  Easy!
The tool bar.
You can even drag in slideshows. 
You can add YouTube videos and documents.
I used to spend an hour creating a button. (Yelling at my computer the whole time!)  Now it takes minutes.

Here is the main page of my website:
See how professional it looks!

The best part, there is an option that's FREE!  Yep FREE!

There is plenty more to say about Weebly. (Since I am far from an expert!)

If you are using weebly, do you have any tips for new users?

Do you have a classroom website?  What program do you use to create your site?



  1. I have a website through FrontPage, which is too old and I don't have the "rights" to add to by laptop (school provided and a Mac) so the hubs suggested Weebly. Let me tell you it took just a few minutes to transfer over the site and so far so good. My only complaint is that the format that I have is that my bar at the top doesn't have enough links (or whatever the word would be) and there is a drop down menu. Yours has plenty of spaces so I'm thinking I might need to change the format. Yours looks awesome by the way!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. Congratulations! You are the winner in my Follow me on Bloglovin' giveaway. Send me an e-mail with your address, Nickie1024@gmail.com, and I will send you your $10 gift card! Thanks a "latte" for following me!

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