Tuesday, July 9, 2013

School Supplies- Friend of Foe??

I have a confession to make...
(Besides the fact that this is my second post in one day lol!)

I am not a normal teacher!
I DO NOT get giddy, AT ALL, when school supplies come out!
In fact, I posted about this topic on Facebook just today.

Let me tell you a little more about this experience!

My sister, Theresa, just bought a new, gorgeous house!
Yeah her!!! :)
It's at least 45 minutes away from me!
Boo me!!! :'(
(Wipe a tear from my eye.)
Ok- pitty party over... lol

So we were shopping at Wal-Mart for bedding for their new rooms.
Each of my darling nieces (see picture of them, with me, below) gets their own room.
So there is a lot of decorating in store for us.
Fun times ahead!

Back to Wal-Mart...
They had made their selections and we were heading out.
But not before I caught a glimpse of what I had been dreading...
It blind-sighted me.
School Supplies!!!!

Some might wonder why this is a bad thing.
Teachers love school supplies right??
Well, not me
Because it means summer is on the road to an end.
The sun...
The pool...
Sleeping in (oh wait, that doesn't happen with the construction)
Lazy days...
It just makes me sad. :(

So I posted, on Facebook, that I just about had an anxiety attack today when I saw school supplies.
I'm not kidding you either.
I really felt anxiety.
I had to get out of that section
And quick!!!

Well, I have another confession to make...
I am officially a school supplies hater hypocrite.
I went to Barnes and Noble to check out a teacher book and work on units of study for reading.
There, at the top of the escalator, was my downfall.
School supplies.
But not just any school supplies...
The adorable NOTEBOOKS that they always have.
The ones I love...
The ones like the cute one I posted about the other day.
Who can resist that??
Obviously not me.

So here it is...
The evidence of my hypocrisy.

On the very day that I complained and freaked out about school supplies coming out...
The very day I posted to all of my Facebook friends about it...
I bought school supplies.

So there you go!
My school supplies confessions!

On a different note,
Anyone love baseball??
Maybe Abbott and Costello??
Look what I found at Barnes and Noble...
Have you ever watched this Abbott and Costello episode?
It is soo funny
And it is a book.
I never knew that!
This would be a great one to have a couple baseball lovers in your class read.
Or anyone for that matter
Because it is quite cute!
They could act out the characters' reactions while reading!
Check it out!

So what do you think about school supplies?
Friend or Foe??



  1. I LOVE school supplies. This year I will see them in a new light considering our district supply list. I bought a composition notebook today. I couldn't bring myself to walk to the back of Target to see if the supplies were out. BTW, Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff out!


  2. I know you love them Emily!
    I just don't like what they mean. lol
    My sister sent me a text saying how many days until Christmas and how she wanted to go to the Hallmark ornament premier.
    She went to Hobby Lobby yesterday.
    It all makes sense now! lol
    Love ya!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I feel the same way about school supplies...I'm in denial till the end of Aug. I LOVE my summers too much! BTW...I'm your newest follower. Teaching with Giggles

    1. Hi Veronica-
      Happy to have you join us!
      Our school year begins early August. Teachers go back the 8th.
      So for us, summer is quickly coming to an end. ;'(
      Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  4. Yes. Supplies are both friend and foe. I love buying supplies, I love teaching, but I also LOVE summer. Oh well at least we can get a good deal on the things we need.

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

    1. That's a positive way to look at it! I posted on Facebook again today. I shared one of those ecard things. It said something along the lines of showing a teacher a back to school ad in July is like waving a cross in front of a vampire. It burns! It burns!
      Thought it was quite funny!
      Thanks for stopping by Nicole! :)

  5. I loooooove buying school supplies, but I also looooooove summer! :) Tough call. I have an extra week of vacay than you, sorry. :( Even the fact that it's July 11th depresses me--back to work in just over a month! :( THO THAD.

    Teach On.

    1. Lol- You are funny!
      I'm just not ready to go back.
      The sad thing is that I really only have 2 weeks of summer break left.
      The week after next, I am in a week long training with the Teacher's College.
      I am excited for the training, but not about losing a week of summer break!
      Hope your month left is amazing.
      Thanks for stopping by!