Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Patriotic Classroom: The Tour & Classroom Jobs

I decided to pair the remainder of my classroom tour with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week.

Last time I posted about my Patriotic bulletin boards.

Now I am going to give you the rest of the tour and share my classroom jobs, with a patriotic twist!

I decided my students won't be a Class but a Congress.

They won't be boys and girls, but rather Representatives and Senators.

That means we don't have just any old classroom library!

The Library of Congress

I have part of organized by Fountas & Pinnel level, and the other part by genre/series.

We have tables instead of desks, so this is their supply storage.
Yes, I found the 23 & 24 bin labels!

I love using all 2 drawer file cabinets.
It makes a nice "table" for storage.

A set of upper cabinets.
I made these curtains and signs for Made it Monday.

White Almond board.
Yep those are paper license plates!

The other side of the Almond board.

Classroom sink.
I also renamed the classroom jobs to sound more like government positions.

Computer helpers: IT dept.
Duster/Table cleaners: Sanitation Crew
Lunch helpers: Food Service
Library helper: Librarian    (I know creative right!)
Lights: Dept. of Energy
Restroom: Health Dept.
Plants: Dept. of Agriculture
Paper return: Post Master
Planner/calendar: Director of Communications
Recycle bin: Dept. of Conservation
Paper passer/collector: Office Secretary
Supplies: Warehouse
Line Leader: Girls (Senate): Senate Majority leader
                     Boys (Representatives): Speaker of the House
Job changer: Human Resources

I have 28 students this year, so some of these jobs are meant for 2 people, and the rest of the students are subs.

The other thing I wanted to mention is my behavior plan.

Behaving Our Way Through the USA

I have a stoplight system.
Good day=green
Tough day=red

I taped a US map on each kids bin.  If they have a day of green, I initial the state of their choice.
When they fill up the whole map, they will earn a special reward.  (I have not decided what exactly that  will be, though I have some ideas.  I have 48 school days to figure it out.  Since today was the second day of school!)

I flew solo on this one.  (Remember Antoinette doesn't have a classroom anymore, just office space!)

Where do you teach?



  1. LOVE IT! Especially your Library of Congress and your jobs!!

  2. I'm loving this theme! Everything coordinates so nicely in your room! Those paper license plates are so cool!!

  3. I love the way you named your classroom jobs to match your government theme.

  4. What a great theme! Especially with the election this year.