Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updated Conference Form, Conferring Freebies and a Much Loved Quote

Updated Conference Form
Back in an earlier post, I had asked for feedback from our amazing followers on a conferring document I was putting together for my new buildings.  Click here to view that post.  Two presentations down and my schools will officially begin their journeys, today, into the world of conferring.  I am so excited to help them along this path.  I am also hoping all of you experts out there will help us.  See what I did there??  Recruiting all of you to help out! lol ;)  Hey that's what teaching is all about, right?

Thanks to the wonderful followers who posted a comment with feedback, I have an updated form.  It is a freebie for you.  Download it if you want and tweak it to fit your needs.
Click on the image below to download.

Included, as well, in this download, is a basic conferring form which would be good for beginners.  I also included a guide to using this form and information about each category under the teaching point.

Another document I created for my teachers is a cheat sheet for the metacognitive strategies.  In this form, I included a definition as well as discussion starters which could be used during conferring.  I'd like to claim I came up with all of the information on my own, but I am a firm believer in "Why recreate the wheel?".  So, Click here to go to the website where some of the verbiage came from.  Some of it IS actually mine. lol :)  The website is an amazing resource for reading and writing workshop.  It's a MUST CHECK OUT!!!
Click the image below to download the cheat sheet!

I remember when I first learned about conferring.  It was 14 years ago and I was a brand new teacher.  I had NO clue where to start or what to say.  I am trying to make this transition much smoother for the teachers I work with so I wanted to provided them with as many resources as possible.

I would LOVE to hear any feedback and/or tips about conferring.  How do you track your conferences?  How often do you confer with students in a week?  Any info would be appreciated. :)

I want to leave you all with a FAV quote of mine.  I had this exact poster hanging in my classroom for the last few years.  It is so true!!!


  1. Hi Antoinette!

    I love the second conference form :) It is very similar to the one I use!

    At my school, we've been doing the workshop model for about ten years now. Our protocol for our math and reading workshops requires us to meet with 2 groups of kids (so between 10-12 kids/day.)We weren't always like that...slow and steady!

    I use a simple form where I write week at the bottom and I put checks next to the names. That way at a glance I can see who still needs a conference. (Here's the link to Google Docs https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B5X73r9YZPk-R3F4ZVNZUDRNWjA )

    In a perfect week, we conference with the kids 2x/week.

    I know when I first started conferencing, I was nervous and very unsure of what I was doing. One thing that helped me was a conferencing toolkit. I made myself a basket that contained some classroom read aloud books, my writer's notebook, post-its, extra pens, bookmarks, my cheat sheets, my binder with my conf. notes, my guided reading books for whatever group I met with and whatever else I thought I needed. Everything was there so I spent my time conferencing, not looking for post-its or other things.

    I hope this helps! Your teachers are very lucky to have you :)

  2. Another teacher who is a quote lover!!!! That is one of my favs too! THANKS FOR BEING SO SUPPORTIVE with your forms! Stop by and visit anytime! SMILES!

  3. Wow Jen, the toolkit is a fabulous idea. Thank you so much for taking the time to share so much information and for your kind words. I am looking forward to checking out your document. It's comments like yours that make me love blogging.


  4. Rosie- I feel that's what blogging is all about; sharing our resources for the good of all students.

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  5. These forms are great! I like the changes you made to the conferring form - easy to understand and plenty of space to write. The strategy/questioning sheet is nice too - sometimes I find myself knowing where a child is struggling but not sure of specific questions to ask and that helps give me some direction. :)

  6. Jen H- I am so happy you like the forms and will be able to use them. Your advice from my previous email was very helpful and as you can see influenced the document I gave to my teachers.

    Thanks for the comment and hope your school year is off to a great start! :)

  7. Antoinette,

    That is such a cute quote!! I am definitely adding that to my list of quotes to put on my class chalkboard this year!! :)

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