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321...Our FIRST Linky Party

With the summer coming to an end, and school starting, we wanted to give summer a fun send off by hosting our 1st linky party!

3...2...1 Linky Party!

3 Favorite Summer Memories 

2 Favorite Things about Back to School

1 Career you would like to try if you weren't a teacher

Emily's answers will be in red.

3 Favorite Summer Memories:

Relaxing at Home is my favorite part of summer every year.
I love to hang out with friends too, but nothing is better than not setting your alarm for months!
    I spend time with my dog and tan.  

Weekend trips with my hubby
I mentioned in another post we went here:
Being Crafty.
Thanks to Tara @ 4th Grade Frolics, I have had a chance to share some of my creations.  
Each year, I tend to pick a certain craft, i.e sewing, painting, etc.  But not this year!  I dabbled in all of it!
2 Favorite Things about Back to School:

I love setting up my room.  
Preview pic:
(More pics coming Thursday!)
I have moved rooms multiple times, and most people dislike it because you have to put up all the bulletin boards, and arrange all the supplies.  But I LOVE it.  I love the challenge of trying to see my room differently each time.  

Meeting my class is so exciting.  This year, many of my students will be kids I taught before, since I moved up grade levels.  That means I have an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.  (I know, it's a total advantage!)

1 career I would try if I didn't teach:
I often wonder what "real people jobs" are like.  Where they don't have the chance to start anew each year, and projects just lead to more projects.  If I had to pick a real people job, I would like to try being a florist.

In the past 5 years, I have really become interested in flower arranging.  I arranged the center pieces at my wedding.  Pics aren't on my current computer :/ 
Here is a pic of Valentine's Day flowers I loved.  

Just imagine how good your work would smell all the time!
Antoinette's answers will be in blue.

3 Favorite Summer Memories...
1- I have to agree with Emily.  There is nothing I like more than relaxing, hanging out with friends and family, and sleeping in!  I did watch my nieces 2-3 days this summer, but we always have so much fun.  During the school year I don't get to see them as often, so I love having the opportunity to hang with them!
One of our summer projects
I did with my nieces.
2- My last minute get-away to St. Louis.  It was so relaxing and so needed as I spent a good portion of this summer working on units of study for reading and writing.  Click here to view my previous post with pics of the hotel and the amazing pool. :)
3- Blogging and Pinterest!  Need I say more! :)
** Ok Emily- I'm cheating...  I have to add in my birthday.  It was so much fun.  My mom, my sisters, and I went to Tasso's which is a Greek restaurant.  It is such a fun atmosphere.  Check out these pics for a glimpse of how entertaining it is.  To go to the Tasso's website, click the image below.

2 Favorite Things about Back to School...
This is a hard one for me this year as my schema for B2S is totally changing this year.  So with that being said...
1-  Catching up with everyone!  Although I will be working at 2 different schools from the one I was at last year.  I did get to see a lot of my friends during the Summer Academy last week.  They are such great people.
Like Emily, I have moved around a lot.  Going to new schools, I do get the opportunity to meet many new people.  Being a total people person, I love that.
2-  Being a part of educating and inspiring the lives of others.  This usually applies to my students, but can definitely apply to the teachers I am working with.  I had a VERY difficult time deciding to leave the classroom.  It was when one student commented on something that he knew and another student didn't that my answer came to me.  My response to him was I can only control what happens in my classroom and what I teach you. (Or something to that nature lol)  By working with teachers, I am (hopefully) indirectly playing a role in educating and inspiring MANY different classes.  How cool is that! :)
1 Career I'd like to try if I wasn't a teacher...
Does Teaching and Learning Coach count? lol  Probably not as I might not be teaching students, but in a way I am teaching teachers.
OK- I guess the career I would have to go with is cake decorating.  My sisters and I have constructed cakes and decorated cupcakes for various occasions.  Emily has been a recipient of some of our creations.  Here are just a couple of the many cakes/cupcakes we've made:
So Emily's job would smell good and mine would taste good. lol

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EmilyK & Antoinette

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