Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Currently and B2S Must Haves!!

It is time for the August Currently from Oh' Boy 4th Grade.  Be sure to check out Farley's website because there are many blogs linked to hers.  One thing I love about the Currently is that Farley encourages her followers to check out other blogs.  It is such a great way to get ideas for your classroom and your blog.

My Currently and B2S Must Haves will be in blue and Emily's will be in red.

So here is my Currently! :)

B2S Must Haves!!!

My first Must Have is Launching the Writing Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide in Photographs (The name in my currently is actually worded incorrectly. oops)  This was introduced to me by a fellow presenter (thanks Sarah) in one of my classes.  She is a demonstration room for our district and said this book is her go to for writing workshop.  It not only has photographs as the title states, but has launching mini-lessons with a planning template, conferring resources, rubrics, etc.  Definitely a MUST HAVE!!!
Click on book for more information from Amazon

My second Must Have is The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers and Students.  If you have not seen these flip books and your district is going Common Core... check them out ASAP!  They are an amazing resource that provides SUPER useful information such as the standard, vocabulary, student-friendly I can statements, etc.  Click on the Math image for more information on these FABULOUS tools!

Here is a glimpse of a sample page from the ELA...

My final Must Have is Pinterest.  It is one of the best teacher resources EVER!!!  You can find bulletin board ideas, lesson plans, anchor charts, behavior management ideas, etc.  It is a teacher MUST HAVE for back to school.  Click here to view my boards. :)

Antoinette's B2S choices are awesome.  At every district meeting
I sing the praises of those flip books to who ever will listen.  They ROCK!

What are your preferred B2S shoes?

I am in love with these:
Fergie makes some CUTE flats.  (Click the pic to shop for more of her shoes.)
I swear by flats.  All that standing and sitting on the floor is just easier in flats.

I am a Pinterest junkie too.
I love all the bulletin board ideas, organization ideas, and cute projects that would work great at the beginning of the year.  (Click here to see what I have been pinning.)

Lastly, I am in the final stages of prepping my classroom.  Hoping to have pics next week!

Share what you are Currently up to at Oh Boy 4th grade.  

Antoinette & EmilyK


  1. Love those shoes! I think fun flats can make my outfit look good, and they make me happy too! Best of luck with finishing up all the classroom tasks!

  2. My principal just passed out those Clarifying Expectations Common Core booklets! Had no idea! They are awesome and will make things so much easier!! Love those flats, by the way!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. Laura- I am so happy you have the Common Core booklets. Any district going Common Core should provide those. They are user-friendly and such a valuable resource.


  4. Thanks for finding me through the linkup--I think I might be your latest follower! Happy Sunday

  5. My fave Sonic drink is Diet Vanilla DP! We celebrated our 4th anniversary in June. Yay for almost being done with your room--I haven't even started b/c they haven't cleaned it yet! (But I still have 2 weeks till we go back, at least.) :D

    Wishing you both a great school year!

    Teach On.

  6. sonic raspberry sweet tea is my fav!

  7. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with Sonic Happy Hour. I had a friend pass me the other day during Sonic Happy Hour time slot and she told me, "I figured you were going to happy hour." lol

    Mrs. Cockrell- I have always had Diet Vanilla Coke but like Diet DP. Might have to try that one.
    Katie- I have never gotten the tea there but love raspberry. YUM!! Tempted lol

  8. Really cute!! I'm new to blogging and am so glad I found yours. Check out my blog if you get a chance! :)

    2nd Grade Teacher
    The Sweetest Thing Blog