Monday, August 6, 2012

Rigor and Relevance: Quad D Moments AND a Pinterest Find!!

After 6 full days of Rigor and Relevance training, I should be an expert, right??  Not so much!  I learned a tremendous amount during that time, but it is a little intimidating to know that I am one of 4 responsible for training my schools in Rigor and Relevance.  I have a decent handle on it, but one area that has always perplexed me is Quad D lessons.  When people think Quad D, they think projects (which in part, it is) and cross-curricular.  That type of teaching is wonderful and I encourage it as often as possible, but let's be realistic here... you can't do huge cross-curricular projects on a daily basis.  So... When I saw a full day class offered on Quad D, I signed up.  I needed to know more about this quadrant that so many of us are trying to strive towards.

You know me... I love a good quote.  Unfortunately, I am not sure who it belongs to.  I tried using Google, but no luck.
"Teaching is only as good as the learning that takes place."

With that being said, we learned that Quad D moments are experiences integrated into daily practice through short, quick activities.  That's just what I wanted to hear; incorporating Quad D into our daily teaching.  We also learned that it is instructional activities that raise the level of rigor (thinking) and relevance (application) and are aligned with the Rigor and Relevance Framework.  Click on the link to read Emily's post regarding this.

So I'm sitting there thinking, "Give me some examples.  I need to see some examples of Quad D moments."  Ask and you shall receive... Here are some quick activities to boost the Rigor and Relevance in your classroom:

A few others I liked:
Write to learn
Fix It
What if?
(What If? is my particular favorite because it is so quick and easy to use with everything.)

I consulted my good friend Google to see what I could find on Quad D moments.  Google is my friend because it has the answers to EVERYTHING (Well maybe except for the author of that quote. Or maybe it was just me searching the wrong things he he)!!  Google is also where I find a large percentage of what I teach in the classroom.
I stumbled upon this video clip which goes into Quad D moments briefly, advertises a resource which I am interested in finding more information on, and gives some examples.  Click on the image below to watch the video.

So I am out to learn as much as I can about the wonderful world of Quad D; especially the short, quick moments.  Do you all have any tips for me and the followers of 4321Teach?  What helpful information do you guys have on Rigor and Relevance and Quad D?

Still feeding my addiction to Pinterest, I found a poster of the writing conference acronym I posted about the other day.  Click here to view that post.  It was TAG with a very slight variation.  Click on the image below to go to the Pinterest page.



  1. Thanks! I really like it too. There's so many great ideas out there. I'm glad we have Pinterest and blogging now to find them all. :)