Wednesday, August 15, 2012

B2S Survival Kits and Quotes for My Office

How are working with teachers and working with students different?
Really they're not.  This time of year, classroom teachers are planning lessons to build community and relationships in their classrooms.  I too am building relationships, but with the teachers in my new buildings.  Tomorrow (or today since it's after midnight here lol) I will be doing my first presentation on my district's new units of study for reading and writing workshop.  This style of teaching is very new to many of my teachers and therefore a considerable stress in their lives.  So I decided to make a Back to School Survival Kit.  I decided against Teacher's Survival Kit as not all of the people I work with are classroom teachers.

So I checked out a variety of kits on Pinterest and various websites and decided on the items I wanted to include.  I wish I would have been more prepared and shopped for some of these items when school supplies were on sale or on the tax-free weekend, but overall was able to keep the price at a minimal.  Each kit ended up being a little over a dollar.

Here are the supplies I used:
     - pencil
     - eraser
     - Starbursts
     - Hershey Kisses
     - Laffy Taffy
     - rubber band
     - penny
     - paper clip
     - puzzle piece

Here is the card I created to attach to each kit:
I also included a Teacher's Prayer I found on the internet.
The final product...

I posted pictures of my office and decorating ideas.  Well my office is still in complete shambles as there are tons of books in there which need to be organized and leveled and I have been SUPER busy in my two days back.  BUT...  I have created some signs which I want to frame.  Those of you who know me, know I love quotes.  Here are some great ones!!!  I created these myself (except quotes and fonts).

What are some things you all do to build relationships and community in your classrooms?
This is crucial to a successful school year, so sharing your ideas will be a great resource for fellow bloggers as well as my classroom teachers.

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We can't wait to hear about your favorite things!


  1. You're doing a wonderful job!!!! and..... I'm not just saying that for those fabulous treats you're bringing!!! Thank you for making a special trip to CH. I don't know how I got on my son's account - this is really Cheryl

  2. Lol- Thanks Cheryl. You're funny! I was happy it worked out. I feel really bad not being there this week. Maybe we can chat over the weekend about Monday's presentation. I want to make sure I am meeting CH needs with it.
    See you later :)

  3. Those treats sound lovely! We did something similar for our third graders:

    Have a great weekend!