Monday, August 20, 2012

Made It Monday:Pinterest Inspired

I took a few weeks off from Made It Monday, so I have a few things to share.

First project, cover top of mismatched file cabinets!

I was pinspired by this:

Click the pic to see the pin source.
I had to go patriotic with, since that's my theme!
Here is the project halfway through:

Here is the finished product:

Second project, make tubs more patriotic.
I was pinspired by this:
Click the pic to see the pin source.
Here is my version:
Ignore the power cords!

My home Made It was inspired by my hubby.
He volunteered to clean the garage (yeah!), and 30 mins into his task, he came upstairs and informed me, he had torn down the 3 step staircase from our garage to our basement!
(I have no before pics.)

Well, in true home DIY fashion, the project took longer than he expected and he needed an extra pair of hands.  I went through a week of schlepping (sp?) my groceries, teacher stuff, etc. through the front door.

Here is a finished pic:

Doesn't it look great!

My food Made It was inspired by the farmers market.
I love going to the farmers market.
I picked up all kinds of fruit at a great price.  So I got my bake on:

Banana bread. 

As you are reading this, I am preparing for my students to arrive tomorrow!


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