Friday, August 17, 2012

Tour My Patriotic Classroom: Bulletin Boards

Ok, so I have been waiting to post pics of my Patriotic classroom until I felt it was the best it could be.  That day is today!

A little background on my room theme choice:
I moved to a new classroom, which meant a chance to start over.
I have been collecting many of the items for a patriotic theme for the past few years, post 4th of July sales are awesome.

A few resources:
Clutter Free Classroom Patriotic Classroom Theme

I am going to be posting pics over several days, highlighting certain areas in my classroom in each post.

Today's agenda: bulletin boards and other signs.

The bulletin board that is outside my door.
All of the bulletin boards in my classroom, have a government related title.

My teacher bulletin board. 
ELA board.
The reading board
Writing VOICES board.  Inspired by this blog.

Reading CRAFT board.  Inspired by this blog.

This bulletin board has a blank time line, the students will be filling in as the year goes on.

This is actually a make shift bulletin board.  It's really a table cloth I put on the wall. 
The Museum of Science

The Museum of Math. 

This is our Post office. 
The students will be writing their constitution on the first day of school.  I still need to post the lunch menu and calendar.
Our class timeline.
Throughout the year, I would like to have my kids create a timeline with pics and notes from the activities we did.

When I started this post, I thought I had very little bulletin board space, but now I am thinking I was wrong about that!

Hope you enjoyed the red, white, and blue!
On my next post, I am going to feature areas of my room and my classroom jobs, all patriotic theme of course!



  1. I LOVE all your fabrics! Your boards turned out so cute!

    Teach On.

  2. I love this theme!! And I love how it all coordinates so nicely throughout your room! The kids will love this :) :)