Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day Jitters Linky Party :)

Do you get nervous before each school year?  It doesn't matter how long I have taught, I always have First Day Jitters.  This year they were extreme with starting my new job! (Which is going really well so far in case any of you were wondering.)  I started the school dreams 3 weeks before I went back, had those moments of WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!, and of course couldn't sleep the night before.

So when I saw the First Day Jitters Linky Party, I knew I had to link up!!  Be sure to stop by Ms. Jessica's post from A Turn to Learn and link up also.
Back to School Jitters Linky Party

Here are Antoinette's back to school emotions:

Here are Emily's back to school emotions:

Rules for the Linky Party:

1.  Put your text over the picture above to talk about your back to school "jitters!"  If you're not sure how to put text over a picture, check out this link!
2.  Use the HTML code from A Turn to Learn to link back to Ms. Jessica's post.
3.  Comment on the two blog posts before yours!

Antoinette & EmilyK

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  1. I'm moving up from first to fourth this year and am also a little nervous for the changes. I agree that it's so important to focus on the positives and celebrate all the little successes!
    iTeach 1:1