Friday, May 11, 2012

Endings Matter

It's funny how a teaching idea can come from an unexpected place. 
As a public school teacher I don't often talk about going to church with my kids, but this great teaching idea came from a guest minister's sermon a few Sundays ago, and I wanted to give him the credit.

Endings Matter. 

The guest minister at my church started with this thought, and it really struck a chord with me.
As I sat and listened to the comparisons of the endings to the Gospels, it hit me.  This message is SO timely for my classroom.

Here is the lesson that came out of this idea:

I started the lesson with reading this book.

Titanicat (True Stories)

I had to read it as part of the Show Me Reader set of books last year.
It has one of the WORST, yes I said WORST, endings of any book I have ever read with my students. 
As we read, every few pages or so, I asked the students to rate how well they liked the book by: thumbs up, thumbs down, and thumbs sideways. 
(I have an Aspergers student who is obsessed with Titanic, so he loved it.)
They were ok until the last few pages. 
Then they realized the end of the book was terrible!

We talked about why they changed their minds.
We arrived at the conclusion, endings matter. (I gave the minister credit at this point.)

Then we extended our thinking to our school experience.
They wrote a T chart "A good ending for 3rd grade" and "A bad ending for 3rd grade."
They wrote what it would look like and feel like.

We have referred back to it, when times are tough.

Endings Matter.


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