Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moving Your Classroom in 5 days

How many times have you moved your classroom?
In the last 6 years, I have been in 5 different classrooms.  (Yes that means it has been only once in my current school, that I have not had to pack my junk!)
It's like being a nomad.
I am doing it again.  Moving rooms! 
Hopefully, this one sticks and I can stay in the same place.  I am moving to a corner room, where the past few years I have been out in the middle of the building.  Vulnerable to the ever changing shift in number of sections.  My principal believes in putting grade levels together as much as possible, which is why I have moved so much!
I decided this time that I was going to do a boxless move.  I got close, just 1 box.

I have a few tips/tricks for moving to a new room, in the same building.
**Make sure you talk with the person whose room you are moving in to. Communication is essential, to save you time in making sure that cabinets/shelves are empty. (And being a good coworker!)
For this move I am moving into Antoinette's old room.  That made communication very easy. 

You will need:
A trusty cart, like this:

A flat bed cart for larger items, like this:

Extra containers, since not every classroom in my building is the same, you can't just go cabinet to cabinet.  The containers can hold the excess, until you know where to put it.
1 box (This was used in the final hours of packing for all kinds of random items, you just need to put somewhere!)

 I moved the inside of the cabinets first, since this is the least detectable to kids. 
When possible, put things in the cabinet, drawer, or shelf where you would like them to be for the next year.  August is busy enough, without having to unpack a classroom, and move things around!

Now I will tell you with one person moving in, and another one moving out, it can get a little messy and the counter in my new room is full of containers that didn't have an available place at the time, but they will when I return.

In the mess, Antoinette and I discovered we have the same basket.  (Which is more unique than you might think!)

Give your class an extra indoor recess so they can pack up your games, and make sure if they are missing pieces.
When your class is going to recess, specials, or lunch take the cart,full of stuff, with you.  Drop it off in the corner of your new classroom.  (Hey we were going that way anyway!)
The room I am moving to is a different grade level, so our schedules are off set enough that when my kids were at specials, Antoinette's class was at recess, so I could unpack and reload without the kids losing learning time.
Don't take down your bulletin boards until last.

This is the kids sign that you are "checked out" too.  Delay it as much as possible!

In the end when one door closes,

Another one opens.

All my stuff has been moved and ready for me in August!

Do you have any tips for moving classrooms?

Happy moving to anyone who is relocating next year!



  1. Oh goodness! Reading your post is making me start to panic. Not only do I have to move all of my stuff, but it has to move to a new school in a new district. I am going to have to truck all of my things home for the summer, but it's hard to know what to start packing. I, as you said, don't want my students to think I've "checked out".

    Reading your post gave me some ideas. Good luck in your new room!

  2. I agree with having students help as much as possible. They LOVE it! Great ideas! We had a bunch of people move in my building and one person packed over 25 boxes (can you say teacher hoarders??? I should start a new show).

    Every New Beginning

  3. Wow, you sure have moved a lot, yikes!!! Best of luck to you that you are in the room that sticks :) My principal is moving and shaking things up this year but I was told that I am staying put at least for the upcoming year anyway.