Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Smores

The end of the year is a time for fun! 
Earlier in the year my class learned about forms of energy.
We did experiments with solar energy, but I found a way to review this skill with food!

Solar Smores!
Beforehand, I put all the smore supplies in a baggie.  (It is so much easier, since they are super excited they don't do well with waiting for you to pass everything out.  Also in my district, unless it is in a package you have to wear gloves to pass out food, so the kids can't help much with this step.)
Don't forget the heat conductor, tin foil.
I introduced the lesson by saying we are going to review Solar Energy and learn technical writing.
I asked if they knew what technical writing was, making sure to mention recipes and giving directions.
Then I passed out the supplies. (Instantaneously, they realize they are making smores.)
I asked them to construct their project.  Writing down each step. 
The kids wrapped them up, then we placed them outside in our secure courtyard area for 2-3 hours.  This makes the marshmallow soft and the chocolate melts!
Part of the time, we spent waiting for the smores, we reviewed and compared recipes. 
Kids realized they may have left out some steps when they read someone else's paper.

This is the last week for school in my district, so I look forward to sharing more with you on packing up and moving classrooms!



  1. So fun and yummy too, the perfect combination! I tried this with my kiddos two years ago in 1st but haven't tried it with my thirdsters, what was I thinking?!? Thanks for the reminder I am always looking for fun ways to keep my students engaged and the last few weeks are always the toughest. Have a great night and please post s'more great ideas when you think of them :) too cheesy???

  2. Thanks for the comment. Nothing can ever be too cheesy! :)