Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do you LOVE Field Day?

I find it interesting that Field Day is such a polarizing day.  I don't know if it is like that at your school, but at ours, you love it or you dislike it.  I LOVE Field Day.  I always have.  The fresh cut grass, the sun, the games, etc.  I love watching my students run and play.  3rd graders aren't as concerned with tattling about who didn't follow rules, which is great! 
We have a half day with stations and relays, and tug of war (of course)! 
My class was pretty short this year, so we didn't make it passed the first round. :(
My FAVE part are the water events.  Getting to spray kids with water, especially the ones who have given you the biggest challenge, and oh how they laugh!  :)
Do you love Field Day?
What types of activities do you have at your school?

Antoinette and I are in the final day of moving classrooms tomorrow.  (I am moving into her room and she is moving to her Teaching and Learning Coach position in other buildings.
I will have my tips and pics, since I have moved 5 (yes count them 5) times in 6 years!



  1. Our field day is tomorrow!!! I don't know exactly what to expect since this is my first year at this school, but we are walking to the park and I know they are going to have lots of games planned! It should be fun!! I do know there won't be water games though! Bummer!

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  2. We had our field day a couple of weeks ago and it was ... interesting. My class is very laid back and the whole racing thing wasn't quite their "thing." We came in 7th place (out of seven) BUT we did come in 1st place in ALL of the games that required teamwork so I was very happy with that :)