Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh What Slackers We Have Been! (Plus some web resources)

Ok, so the post title isn't totally true. 
We have been administering our state assessment.
It has been a time crunched, exhausted, crazy couple of weeks!
The good news is I think our kids did the BEST they could!  I watched them feverishly writing on scrap paper, and taking their time to take the test. 
We will find out in the fall!
We have been slcking on this blog, though!
I will be posting throughout the week on our Mosaic of Thought book club.  We had some great discussions!
Also over the last few weeks, Antoinette and I both saw Debbie Miller speak.  We will definitely posting our thoughts on that when we get some time.  (Plus I get to see her again the first week of May!) 

This week, I have been looking at some more wesites based on Reader's Workshop that I wanted to share with you.

The links on this site are AMAZING!
The videos are worth watching, whether you are beginning or a seasoned pro at Readers Workshop.
Oh the links!  There is a link for just about every aspect of reading on this site.

Hopefully you stay tuned!

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