Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Currently September

Every month we say something about how time flies.
Well... it's September.  School has started and now begins the Fall.

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Emily's answers are in red.
Antoinette's answers are in blue.

Political tv.  It makes me question the path of America.  Hubs loves it.  So for a few hours a week I make a sacrifice.

If you have read my Currently posts before you know I am a DIY person.  I am not always on schedule to finish things, but this Labor Day.  I am going to labor through some of my projects are get some things done.  
(No pics yet!)

It's the time of year between Back to School and the end of first quarter.  That means an increased workload.  I am trying to work more efficiently.  If you have any tips let me know!

The best laid plans... I just want my lessons to go according to plan.  My life to go according to plan (just for this month).  My grad school class to go according to plan.  You know what people say, we plan. God laughs.  But my (planning) hope springs eternal.

And on that note.  Patience is a virtue.  In today's society we are not always encouraged to have patience.  In general, I have very little patience sometimes.  Working on it.  
Patience with a student with challenging behaviors.  
Patience with technology. (They have restructured our technology department, and as the teachers tech for my building I am getting tons of questions.)  
Patience with my hubby and his part of the DIY projects. :)

Just for me:
Exercise: I started doing water aerobics this summer.  I would love to get back to it.  I am also really thinking of joining a gym.  After a long stint of physical therapy, my ankle really likes walking on the treadmill versus on the sidewalk.

Cook: I LOVE pinterest recipes!  
My latest favorite:
Cowboy lasagna.  Click the pic to go to the source.
BTW, if you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click here.

Craft: Sew curtains, cross stitch project, planning my Halloween costume.  

Today is Labor Day and like all of you, I had the day off!
Although it was not a go to school work day, it was a SUPER productive day for me.
Slept in just a bit- 8:45.
Made some coffee and worked on some school stuff...
Caught up on emails
Updated my resume for a PGC (Professional Growth Course) that I am teaching
Finished my time log for unit of study work
and a few other things that are coming to mind at this moment.

Next I moved on to preparing my food for the week.
I truly believe one of the reason I have been so successful with my weight loss is because I spend my Sunday (Monday in this case because of the day off) making my meals for the week.
It is VERY time consuming, but well worth it to me.

Last some cleaning and now blogging.
So that was my super productive day.
But there is always more on my to-do list.
Need a magic wand to finish it all up. lol

As we all know, this time of year is SOOO stressful.
I can't sleep when I am stressed.
My tummy hurts also.
So I need to not let it get to me.
I want to turn the stress into something productive.
Instead of complaining...
Find a solution!!!

Farley couldn't have put it better when she said we put ourselves at the bottom of the list.
I have SOOO felt like that lately.
Work all day...
Meetings in the evening...
Family and friend events... (which I love don't get me wrong)
These day-to-day things take up almost every evening and weekends.
I go go go!!!
People joke that I don't know busy until I have a husband and children.
I would love to compare notes because I think I could give most people a run for their money!
So no complaining...  No stress... lol

I WANT to exercise... Sounds crazy I know, but I have been too busy (literally to go to the gym). LITERALLY!!! lol
So it's on my calendar... Going 3 times this week.
Gonna get back in the habit of it.
This and eating healthy (GOTTA QUICK THE CHEATS HERE AND THERE) will help me lose my goal of 10 pounds in September.
Wish me luck!!! :)

I want to read for fun also.
Been saying this for awhile, but I am really gonna do it in September.
Will let you know how it goes.
Have a book in mind, so just have to find the time.

That's it for me!!!
Sorry no pics or anything.
Hope to be a better blogger in September also! :)

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Looking forward to reading your Currently!
Antoinette and EmilyK


  1. Where did the time go?? I'm with you on wanting to read for fun! My goal was to read one fiction book for the fun of it, and I totally failed! I read several education books, but I couldn't get myself to read anything beyond that. I'm very embarrassed to admit that!

    Seconds at the Beach

    1. I am in the exact same boat, Elizabeth. I even failed at reading a book that I have read all of the ones in the series. Usually I am counting down for the new one to come out. I might be two behind at this point.
      Don't be embarrassed. We're teachers... we tend to throw ourselves into our jobs.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)