Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Currently Update and Calendar Time

I know our Currently was just posted yesterday but I already have an update!
Like I said in the post, Farley hit my life on the nail.
I go, go, go and I come last.
My goals for me this month were:
Exercise, lose ten pounds, and read for fun.
Well I am excited to announce that I have lost 2 of my 10 pound goal and I actually went to the gym tonight.
I did a class called Butts and Guts and it is as intense as the name sounds. lol
Go me!!!
Now for that read for fun book!

Ok- moving on to teacher talk! :)

As you might know, I am a Teaching and Learning Coach.
I worked with K-5 teachers in all content areas.
I have always been an upper elementary teacher, so I am learning so much about primary grades.
Well today, one of my amazing teachers asked me advice on calendar time.
She is looking to switch up her schedule to ensure that the core subjects and Common Core Standards get enough time to be taught thoroughly.
She also wants to give more time to shared and guided reading.
Calendar time is something I have heard a great deal about and I know the gist of what is taught during this time, but I definitely don't know everything it entails.

So my questions to you all...
Do you use calendar time or have you found a way to incorporate those topics into other points in your day?
If you are a fan of calendar time, how do you use it in your day?
Last, how much time do you spend on it and do you teach it daily?

I am currently doing some research and decided to include you all in it.
With all you amazing primary teachers out there, I figured the most valuable information would come from you!
Any information would be great!

Thanks for you help!
Antoinette :)

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