Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Melt my heart

Yesterday we had our 5th grade recognition.
It is a time full of singing, speeches, and smiles.

And tears...
Let me say I like all my students.  They all have their own personalities, and talents.

But every once in a while one of my students just melts my heart.

"April" is that student.
 If you have read our blog before, you know I've taught 3rd grade for the past few years.
April was in my class 2 years ago.  She had a myriad of challenges that lead the special education team and I to believe that she was autistic.  There were many tear filled conferences with her amazing parents.
During her 4th grade year, she went through INTENSE intervention.
She made great strides.
So, when I moved to 5th grade one of the conditions I gave my principal was that April needed to be in my class.
This year, she and I have smiled, talked, and joked.  (Huge for a child with autism.)

One day, April asked me, "How much are you going to miss me?"
My answer, "I will miss you every day."

Then at the end of the week, she had a bad day.  I got mad at her.  I have never done that before.  I was DEVASTED.

So tonight, when her mom and I were talking that day came up.
Her mom said to me, "You know the other day when you were mad at April.  I want to thank you for being mad at her.  It was the first day that April ever came home and talked about her day with me where I didn't have to prod her."
MELT MY HEART! (Plus many tears and hugs.)

I know we all have stories of that special student who could melt your heart.  Thanks for reading mine.


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  1. Oh wow- that is seriously such a good story. Melt me heart for sure!
    Learning to the Core