Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quotes for the Day

So I have to do a SUPER QUICK post because I am suppose to be at Emily's Mardi Gras party like at 3. Sorry Emily- lol
LOVE YOU!!!! ;)

I love quotes and found some on Pinterest that were to cute not to share and some inspirational ones that everyone should know.

First-  WAY TOO CUTE! lol

Next- If only everyone could feel this way...  Especially our students.

Third- This is SO TRUE!!!

Last- This COMPLETELY describes me...

Just thought I post some quotes to make you think!  Hope you enjoy them! :)


  1. Love the food for thought - thanks for sharing :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Thank you for these quotes! The 3rd one really speaks to me and is totally true! I'm going to keep it in mind as the next few weeks unfold!


  3. Antoinette, it' was all good to be late to the party, since you we're posting to the blog. ;) Love having a co blogger!