Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pinterest Linky Party Time and Blog Shout Outs

Are you a Pinterest fanatic?  Do you want to increase traffic on your teacher blog?  Brandi at My Teacher Friend had a fabulous idea for a linky party. It is a great way to get more traffic on your blogs.  Now who doesn't want more traffic??  I know I do.  What??  Did those words leave MY mouth??  Never thought I'd be wanting more traffic (at least not in the driving world). lol
My Teacher Friend

Those of you, like Emily and I, who love Pinterest know that a good amount of traffic comes from pinning.  So that is exactly what Brandi's linky party is about.  Pinning on peoples blogs so we can help each other out with increasing traffic. :) 

Here are the rules straight from Brandi's site!  It's super easy!

1. Link up any post that you have recently written (let's say within the last month) that you think is excellent for pinning. Try to link to a post that is picture heavy. Pinterest loves it some pictures!
2. Once you are all linked up and ready to go, visit the two links before yours and the one after. Rule of three. Easy peasy, huh?
3. While you are out blog-stalking, go ahead and pin to your heart's content. Try and write an enticing description of your pin. You might even comment to the blogger of what you pinned. I would love to know who pinned what, so I can say thank you. 
4. It would also help out if you would mention this linky in your lil ol' blog. The more teacher friends, the better! This one is more of an optional super nice thing to do, than a rule;) 

So that's it.  Told you it was easy! :)

We would love to hear what you pinned from our site, so please leave a message for Emily and I afterwards.  We would love to tell you thanks and check out your sites for pinnable wonders, also. :)

Blog Shout Out!!
Blog shout out is something I recently decided to do.  So many wonderful bloggers come up with ways to help all our blogging friends increase traffic and followers (e.g., Farley's Rule of Three and Brandi's Pinterest linky.)  So I decided I want to start helping other bloggers also (I'm gonna drag Emily into this with me.  She doesn't know it yet. Lol)  I want to start giving random shout outs to other bloggers who deserve some recognition.  My first few are ladies who have been frequent commenters throughout Emily and my blogging journey.  I have been learning a lot about blogger etiquette throughout and know that I haven't always taken the time to respond or say thank you.  So here's a Shout Out to you.

Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files

 Mrs. Corbit at Tadpole tidbits     

Mrs. Cockrell at Teach On

Mrs. Brown at Adventures in Third Grade

Thank you ladies for taking the time, so often, to check out our blog and leave kind comments.  We appreciate you and your amazing teaching ideas. :)

We look forward to Shouting Out to more bloggers who use their valuable time share amazing ideas with all of the teachers of the world. :)

What are some of your fabulous ideas that Pinterest is missing out on?  We would love to pin them. :)
Antoinette and EmilyK


  1. Hey there! I am so happy to see the linky on your site. I have gotten 3 new followers since you posted:) I am heading to stalk you and pin some goodies:)

    My Teacher Friend

  2. oh thank you so much!!! I feel like I really don't enough and it's one of my favorite things! It's just the school schedule getting in the way ;)

  3. oh thank you so much!!!! I really feel like I don't enough and it's one of my favorite things! It's that school schedule getting in the way ;)

  4. Aww, thanks for the shout out! I sure love getting comments, and I try to comment as much as I can! My google reader # is out of control again, though, hehe. Happy almost Friday!

    Teach On.