Saturday, January 26, 2013

SchoolTube- Polygon Rap

With how CRAZY busy my year has been with my new Teaching and Learning Coach position, I have neglect the blog world.  I haven't posted as often and definitely haven't checked others' blogs.  Sorry friends!!!  So I had an hour of down time earlier (I know... what is that?? lol) and decided I was going to have a look around and see all the amazing ideas you all have came up with.

That's when I found this SUPER cute idea!  Cheryl's Classroom Tips is a blog Emily and I follow and I noticed a video of a Polygon Rap on her blog.  It is sooo cool!  The kids will love it!! :)
Check it out...

Hope you loved this video.  You can enjoy it and many others at SchoolTube.

Antoinette :)

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