Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year and Mentor Texts

Happy New Year Everyone! :)

Hope everyone's is off to a great start and you continue to persevere with your resolutions.  So often in life we start something with great intentions... we get busy and it slips our minds for awhile.  I've decided that it doesn't matter if I forget for a bit or mess up a time or two, I'm going to have the COURAGE (my OLW) to persevere and keep up with mine.  Hope you all do the same. 2013 is going to be an amazing year!

So I have spent a huge chuck of my 2013, since I've been back to work, looking at picture books for mentor texts.  My district is in the process of ordering quality mentor texts for the teachers to use during reading and writing workshop.  That being said, I felt that there was no better place to research quality than to request recommendations for all of you.  So PLEASE make a comment with recommendations.  I want to compile both a list for this year and a wish list for next year.  Here's to hoping they give us money then as well. lol

When you get a chance, check out some of these books.  They are new finds and have great potential.  I am one of those people who REALLY don't like recommending something unless I have actually tried it, but seeing I no longer have a classroom (wipe a tear because I do miss having kiddos) I don't have as many opportunities to do so.  I'd love it if you all tried them out and let me know. :)

Such an inspiring story and she was from Missouri.  A great theme that will teach children that nothing should stand in the way of their dreams.
Synopsis taken from Amazon
"Ella Kate Ewing was born in 1872. She started out small, but she just kept on growing. Soon she was too tall for her desk at school, too tall for her bed at home, too tall to fit anywhere. Ella Kate was a real-life giant, but she refused to hide herself away. Instead, she used her unusual height to achieve her equally large dreams.
The masterful Klise sisters deliver a touching and inspiring true story about a strong-minded girl who finally embraced her differences. It?s the perfect book for every child who has ever felt like an outsider."

LOVE this book!  Such a sweet story with a wonderful theme.
Synopsis taken from Amazon
"Children are eager to grow bigger, and JoJo is no exception. He always asks his mother the same question: “How much did I grow today?” No matter how often his mother assures him that good things come in small packages, he is desperate to be bigger. After all, he wants to run in a race to win a pair of red Rocket Racer shoes. But how can he compete against bullies who are much bigger than he is? A delightful surprise ending illustrates how true growth is not always measured in inches.

Jane Barclay’s heartwarming story explores a theme that speaks to every child. Esperança Melo’s wonderful art complements the text to create a charming book that’s bound to become a favorite."

Isn't he just ADORABLE!  This is a series and is great for teaching younger grades informational text.

From School Library Journal (taken from Amazon)

K-Gr 2-The primary-grade crowd will love this early fluent reader series that discusses the infancy and development from birth to adulthood of various water animals. Physicality at each stage, diet, and social structure are addressed; predators are not mentioned in all of the volumes. Clearly labeled photographs complement the texts; words that are defined in the glossaries appear in bold in the narratives; and the glossaries include both definitions and photographs. The vocabulary is more complex than that found in many beginning-reader series, but each volume is chock full of fascinating facts. A map highlights where each animal lives. This series is a standout.α(c) Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Myths are huge with Common Core and this series provides easier reads for elementary.  Now I questioned the jealous wife part but it wasn't too obvious.  Definitely read it first and see what you think.
Synopsis take from Amazon
"Callisto, a beautiful young huntress, is not looking for love. But Jupiter has been watching her, and he has a plan to make her fall in love with him. When Callisto has Jupiter's son, his wife is angry. Will Callisto and her son survive the wrath of Jupiter's jealous wife?"
Hope you all enjoy my book pics!  They are all new finds (for me) in 2013.  If you have read them or check them out after reading this post, please let me know what you think.  Like I said, I prefer to know as a fact they are good mentor texts and would love to hear your input.

Also, PLEASE share some great books you have used in your classrooms!

Thanks so much!

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  1. I like your list. This week I started reading Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes. Yes, THE Kevin Henkes. It was a Newbury nominee. A great upper grade book for character traits. It is a little morbid, since it centers around a girl dying. I don't plan to finish the book, and when I announced that to the class, 4 kids were arranging a schedule for "checking it out" of our class library. To me that is the sign of a good read!