Sunday, January 13, 2013


This post should probably start with a confession.

I admit it, I have clutter... again.

I have made great strides in getting organized, but it's still there.  And its multiplying...

Well, thanks to Jodi at Clutter-Free Classroom, I have a chance to change! (Again.)

This post is the before pics.

Here are my top 3 areas that need attention, sooner rather than later:

Code red: Teacher area.
This is my desk.  It's really a table. 
Here's another angle:
This is the view that my students see. (Yikes!)
Then there is what's behind the desk.
That is the place where my chair should be.
I know what you're thinking, How does she sit back there? 
The answer, I don't.

The way our technology is set up, I actually have a second table, because my laptop and scanner have to be here:
I know, right.
Ok, that was brutal!  It was hard to look at!  

Except it gets worse...
And then there is behind the desk:

Key problem, stuff stacked with the purpose of doing something with it later, and not getting to it.  
Going to be working on that!

Code orange: My counter
I have a counter that runs the length of my classroom!  The challenge becomes that it is a breeding ground for stuff not to get put away.  
Luckily part of this was winter party supplies, so there is an empty square foot now.
The cereal was for a party day craft.  Sadly, the Unifix cubes were last used two months ago.  
This is a book display I made this summer, during a 4th Grade Frolics Linky party.
Now it is filled with mentor texts.
Listening center. Look open space!

Code Green: Open shelving storage areas & Kleenex.
My current classroom has open shelving areas.  
I DESPISE them!  So... I covered them with curtains.
Unfortunately, the fire marshall for my school has not created some STRICT guidelines for next year, and my curtains MAY have to go.
I need to be proactive with making these shelves look visually appealing.
My other nemesis, KLEENEX!
I have 28 students.  At the beginning of the year they each are supposed to bring 2 boxes of Kleenex.  
What classroom has space to store 50+ boxes of Kleenex??
Currently, not mine.
They are shoved in every available space.  
I would like to clean out one complete cabinet to be able to have them all in one location.
Too many Kleenex are making this cloth not hang correctly.
This is one of my favorite curtains. This pic also allowed me to show off another one of my plants.
Funny moment, my principal was coming around for his weekly walk through while I was taking pics. He has many stacks on his desk, so I knew he was not going to tell me to change, but he seemed pleased I was making a change.  
Now I really do need to make some changes!

Thanks for looking at my chaos.  I can't wait to get started.
Have you been thinking that your classroom needs some new energy for the new year?
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  1. Doesn't it feel good to be all set and ready to take on the challenge!? I know it was for me!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

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  3. You know Emily, I have looked at this post several times and just now was like, "Aww, that's my old classroom." lol
    I would say I need to declutter, but with not being at the same school every day and one school being out in the open, I tend to keep my desk pretty clear. lol