Monday, October 15, 2012

My World of Demo Lessons, Picture Books, and 150 Follower Give-Away

I want to first start with a shout out to Emily!  She is the best co-blogger in the world!  She is so good at posting while I struggle.  I start posts... just don't always finish them. lol

Part of my new position this year is doing demo lessons for individual teachers as well as for the entire staff.  For some strange reason, I decided to start with the younger grades and move my way up.  Considering I have always taught intermediate grades, looking back on this, I am highly amused.  It is definitely a different world with those little ones. lol

I have been able to share some great picture books through my lessons, and thought I would share them with you all also.

I used Mr. Lincoln's Way for an whole staff professional development lesson on inferring character traits.
I used The Turnip in kindergarten for a lesson on retelling. 
I used Little Cloud in kindergarten for retelling as well.

I used Thank You, Mr. Falker for a 5th grade lesson on Metacognition-  reading is thinking.
I used The Wednesday Surprise for asking questions before, during, and after reading for 2 whole group professional development lessons.
 I used National Geographic for Kids to for a 2nd grade lesson over asking questions about nonfiction.

I used Wemberly Worried for a lesson to help 1st graders use schema to better understand the characters. 

I hope you enjoyed the picture books I have been using in my demo lessons.  I will probably have many more lessons to come, so would love to hear some great ideas from you all.  What picture books have you been using in your classrooms to teach reading?

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  1. Thanks, Antoinette! Now that we don't work in the same building, I appreciate the book list. I am now thinking I need to grab one of these book off the shelf tomorrow!


  2. Love your book ideas...

    By the way, I just boo'd you all! Come on over to my blog to check out your boo!

    The Polka-dotted Teacher

  3. Thanks for that great list of books!
    Just wanted you guys to know I Boo-ed you!!!
    Come by my blog to check it out!
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