Monday, October 29, 2012

Motivational Monday Linky Party

First, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone exposed to the horrible storms from Hurricane Sandy.  Keep safe everyone!

So I stumbled upon this AMAZING linky party.  It is SO my kind of thing because I absolutely LOVE quotes.  Thanks to the ladies who came together to start this linky party- Sara from Smiling in Second Grade, Kimberly from The Learning Tree and Danielle from Classroom Cupcakes. 

The issue lies in that there are so many amazing quotes out there.  I will try to control myself though. lol

The first is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites!  It is so true!!!

Who doesn't love some Dr. Suess Quotes!  Especially this one.

LOVE THIS ONE!!!  I created the frame for it and one day will hang it in my office. lol

 This one is important for all students and adults to hear.  We are all where we are today because of mistakes along the way!  Ohh... That last line can be my own personal quote. lol :)  This one will one day be hanging in my office also.

Another one that will eventually hang in my office! lol  Also another FAVORITE of mine!!!  Created the background myself using Powerpoint (I think).

OKAY... I'll stop already!  Quotes are so my thing!  Would love to hear your motivational quotes.  What are some words of wisdom that help you keep you head up high?

Antoinette :)

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