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Daily Five, a Pinterest Find, and a Future Freebie!!!

Daily Five Summer Book study with...

WOW was chapter 3 packed with FABULOUS information!  We are loving this book as well as sharing the information and reflecting with other teachers.  We can't wait to hear other bloggers' ideas and suggestions.

Antoinette here... I've been joking with Emily about how long winded I can be and with all the information in this chapter, I fear the worse. lol  I decided to come up with a more concise way of sharing the information from this chapter with you; a power point.  Well, I've gotten as far as signals and I'm already at 19 slides. I'm outta control... I know. :)

So since a powerpoint will be coming soon, I'm going to shorten my ramblings to two strengths, one area for growth (although there are many more lol), and one LOVE.

Strength number one is my gathering area.  This is something I've had every single year I've taught.  It is an absolute must; even with the older kids.  I completely agree with The Sisters in that it limits the distractions, gives you close proximity to check in on the kiddos, and a wonderful place to share learnings.  My gathering area is always up front near the board.  It has never been anything fancy, but I love how a fellow teacher and friend had a rocking chair and organized little area for all of her supplies.  We had a routine where I would let the students know if I was reading to them, using the SmartBoard, or sharing.  Since I didn't have much space, the way they sat depended on which activity I was doing with them.  After much practice, this went pretty smoothly.

Strength number two is anchor charts.  I have also used anchor charts every year I've taught; some years more than others.  I have a love/hate relationship with them though.  I love using them to teach concepts and create a document to refer back to.  They are a powerful tool when created, displayed, and used properly.  The number of anchor charts that accumulate and hang throughout the year absolutely can drive me insane.  Lots, and lots, and lots of anchor charts hanging up throughout the room is not necessarily a good thing; at least that's what I think. lol  SO...  me and my Pinterest addiction that I have, has stumbled upon a fabulous idea. Take a picture of your anchor charts and put them into a binder.  If you click on the pic, it will take you to my pin and that will take you to a link that explains the binder in more detail.  ABSOLUTELY love it!

One area for growth would be the short intervals.  The thought is just too much for me.  3- 5 minutes depending on students behavior?  Seems somewhat insane to me, but after reading the section on it, it is making more sense.  It is something that I would definitely be willing to attempt in the future.  Along with that, is the quiet tone.  I am not much of a yeller, but boy can I give that evil teacher stare.  I know... I deserve a slap on the hand.  It is always an area that I try to work on.  As The Sisters said, we are works in progress. lol

My LOVE... I PICK.  I have always done some for choosing Just-Right books, but having a chart with an acronym like I PICK is a great idea.  I love that it includes purpose and interest... that's a duh moment for me.  I've always been an advocate for kids reading books they enjoy.  The only way they will ever enjoy reading is if they can choose books that interest them.  I just never thought to include it on a Just-Right chart. lol  

So... about trying to avoid being long winded... utter failure lol :)  Time to give the floor to Emily!

So Antoinette has been a busy beaver with this book club.  I have enjoyed reading her thoughts before typing my own.

I have done Daily 5 (in some form) for the past 2 years.  A fellow teacher in my grade level convinced me to try it with her, and this chapter always reminds me of her. 
I have not mastered it, though I have started to make it my own.
I LOVE Chapter 3.  Mainly because I LOVE routines.  They make life so much easier!

The gathering place is essential.  My first classroom was stuffed with kids and high school style desks, so I had no gathering space.  It was not ideal!  I am so glad now to have the option to get rid of any furniture (within reason) to make this possible.

The Shoe Lesson- (If you read the chapter this is related to good fit books.)
This is the point where I started to make Daily 5 my own, because the Shoe Lesson GROSSES ME OUT!  Can you say foot fungus?  (Yes I go bowling and wear the rented shoes, because they spray those down.)  I never have been a fan of exchanging clothes with friends, let alone that random kid sitting next to me!  
So I made it my own by finding an idea to use types of gloves! 
There are so many types: gardening, work, mittens, non-latex (nurse style), yellow cleaning, heat resistant gloves, golf...
It is a little reminiscent of the OJ trial, but they don't remember that!

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Having done this for 2 years, I chuckled a little at Antoinette's reaction to short periods of time. (I chuckled because she has always taught older kids, so we often talk about the difference a year or two makes.)  To be honest, for that ADHD kid in your classroom 3-5 minutes may be too long to start out. 
I like to start the kids out already with their book boxes, and I set a timer, so we can measure our stamina.  I prefer to stand along the side of the room or the back, so the kids can't tell I am watching as intently as I am.

The Signal
I prefer "1,2,3 Eyes on Me" or using a sound effect on my SMARTboard.
(To be honest, the chimes kind of drive me crazy after awhile.  This is probably sacrilegious to some of you!)

What are your strengths and areas for growth from Chapter 3 of the Daily Five?  We would love to hear your amazing ideas and any suggestions for areas of growth. :)

There are tons of signs on Pinterest for Daily Five and I PICK.  BUT... We'll let you in on a little secret...  We are working on a FREEBIE!!!  That's right...  we are approaching 100 followers and will be posting some super-cute signs to go with the Daily Five.

Antoinette and EmilyK

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