Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Door Opens

As Emily mentioned in her post about switching classrooms, I am moving out of the one she is moving into.  I too have moved quite often.  In my thirteen years of teaching, I have moved out of four classrooms.  One move was from the Kansas City School District to North Kansas City.  In my five years at NKC, I have moved three times.  Crazy!!

Well, as Emily also stated, as one door closes, another one opens...  My new door opens to a completely different position.  I will no longer be a classroom teacher which I never thought I would do.  Leaving the classroom was a difficult decision to make, but in the end I felt this new door will give me access to helping many classrooms of students; not just my own.  My new position is a Teaching and Learning Coach which is similar to an Instructional Coach.  I am very excited but also growing more anxious as the school year approaches.  I will unfortunately not be working at the same school as Emily, but know we will still keep in touch.  She has done an amazing job of keeping this blog up and going and I know she will be successful in her new roles.

As a Teaching and Learning Coach, I will be an instructional resource to classroom teachers.  That is where I hope you all can help me.  Do you all have any advice for me as I move, yet again, from working with students to working with adults?


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