Friday, January 27, 2012

Clean desk?!

I have been participating in the Clutter free Classroom Project.

This week the focus was the teacher's desk.
I admit that I my desk is a MESS!  I am piler...ok I admit it.
I lucked into a head start on this task.  I started with my desk during week 3.

My principal insists that we keep our desks, so I am trying to make it work.
The first task is to tell you what I like about it.
Not much!  It holds my piles! :)

The second task is to tell you what I would like to change.
I would love a new work area!
My principal insists that we keep our desks, so I am trying to make it work.

The third task is the changes I have made.

After following the rules I set for myself:

This was completely empty in back. 
The money bags are for a Student Council project.
After that, the space will be empty again!

I purged 14 files of paper!

My one big issue is still the top of my desk.  I had this much available space last week.  I tried to clear a corner.  I just haven't dedicated myself to that...yet.  Week 5 I will start to take care of that.

Also this week I finished purging a cabinet.


I don't know at this point if I have anything I want to put in this space!
All these went to my neighbor teacher:

The last task is my advice for others who are trying to clear clutter.
At first I thought I just needed to organize what I had in a better way. 
When Jodi kept talking about not just rearranging, but purging things, I was initially hesitant.
My concern was misplaced.  It has been great seeing what I don't need anymore.

The other best piece of advice I can give is tell your co-workers you are trying to declutter.  My fellow teachers have been great at supporting my effort and asking what I have purged.  (Believe it or not they knew I was cluttered!) 

Good luck!


  1. Wow, you got rid of a lot of paper. Good job!

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  2. I think you doing great. I will be adding my post Monday. I need to take my camera in and take pictures. Like you, I purged my desk in week 3. Keep up the good work and I know having others help and support you is fantastic.


  3. TAG! You're it! Stop by and see what it's all about :)

    Wiggins World