Sunday, February 5, 2012

Too Many Storage Containers...

I have been participating in the Clutter Free Classroom Project.
Ok.  I know that tag line sounds strange.  Can you really have too many storage containers? 
Let me clarify.  I have too many types of containers.  Here is the photo collage of them all:
I mean seriously. I didn't know I had this many types of containers until I took pictures of them all. Some were from "inherited" from retired teachers, others were purchased, and some are from the district math or reading series.  In taking these pics I realize that I may need to look into stream lining...
My fave go to containers are the following:
I have these everywhere.  I put all kinds of things in them.
When you need Sticky clips you can take the can where you need it to go.
For book storage:

These were a splurge buy.  They are great because they fit almost all sizes of books.

I love that these fit chapter books perfectly.
For folders and files, I started with these:

Then because I couldn't find those when I needed more I switched to these:

My advice is to go through your classroom and see how many types of storage containers you have.  Could you have some that you could change out for matching?  (I know I will be doing this step for sure!)  Also, in looking at the containers it is like a progression through my years of teaching.  As a beginning year teacher I bought containers (not enough) and thought they were great.  Then over the years I needed other containers to fit different needs.  I didn't really plan for consistency, and I ended up with a hodge podge of 20 different types of containers, whether I bought them or not.  I wish I had planned ahead.



  1. This is such a great post. Thanks for getting me thinking along these lines. :)

  2. Hey Emily! I did the same thing too...I had so many different ones. I've tried to weed them out a bit, but even as I look at all of your beautiful ones, I find myself wanting more! How bad is that?! :/

  3. my house used to be like that. Last time we moved, I went to container store and switched to one type of bin only. It cost $$$$$$$, but I love how it looks

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks