Monday, January 9, 2012

Student Resolutions

Every year I have my students write New Year's resolutions.  I think it is important to instill long term goal setting in my students.  Even if it's only for a month!  When we talk about resolutions we focus on how to achieve the goal. This year my students were really insightful and very self aware.  I was so pleased with the final product.   (They were almost all super cute.  It was so hard to narrow down the images.  I know the words are difficult to read.)

She wants to better on her extra curricular activities.  (Her words not mine!)

She wants to be less shy by starting conversations with people. 

She wants to focus on following directions and talking less.

Loved the artwork!

He wants to get along with others.  (What a great goal!)

She wants to get better at studying at home. 
She was very proud of her artwork.


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