Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Currently of 2013

It is the last Currently of 2013!?!

We have had a busy year, and can't wait for 2014.

For this Currently Emily is green.  Antoinette is going to join in later!

Being a Kansas City resident doesn't mean you have to be a Chiefs fan.  In fact most times, I don't watch NFL games.  But the Chiefs have had a decent season.  BTW, they lost.  
After all, they aren't the Missouri Tigers.  
That is football a MO resident can get excited about.  
My dad is going to the SEC Championship next weekend.  So jealous!

I love my family and my hubby.  This time of year we spend a lot of time together.
My family and the in-laws.  It never ceases to amaze me, how our two families are so different.
In fact, Farley, we just had family pictures!
Just waiting to see the images.

I am not a fan of winter.  A few snowstorms and I am done.  The prediction for our area is an extendedly long cold winter.  Can you say, inside recess?

There is something about house projects.  I get really geared up for them in summer.  I get too busy to finish them in the fall.  So when December rolls around, I get my DIY mojo back.  Somehow it always involves painting in the garage.  (This year is no exception.)
Right now, it's repainting the table on our deck.

I need some peace of mind.
Hubby and I have been going through fertility treatments on and off for a couple of years now.
The issue is my endometriosis.
We decided to do our last procedure in November.  It didn't work.
The doc says we could keep trying.  We decided we were ready to walk away.
I have gone through all the stages of loss, except denial.  (There is no denying it when the test says 'Not Pregnant'.)  I have had a LOT of anger.  (BTW, hammering a scrap board is a great stress reliever.)
I have bargained with God and myself.  I have been depressed.  (Ok, this one was because of a medication.) 
For now I am at the stage of acceptance.  (At times that means 'Fake it 'til you make it.')  
Peace of Mind is hard to find.  
I wanted my infertility journey to be over by the end of 2013, one way or another.  And it is.  

I am done with medical procedures by my and my hubby's choice.  That gives me power to go on. 
2014= a fresh start.   

For the most part infertility is a roller coaster no woman would ever choose to ride.  If any of you need a person to 'listen' please email me.  Because fertile people just don't understand. (Sorry fertile people!) 
**PS.  I love Antoinette for many reasons, but one of them is she has been a great sounding board for me on this journey.  She has many sisters, so she is well versed in navigating fertility issues!

And to end on a fun note.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. 
Growing up, Christmas was always a big deal and my mom is the BEST gift giver.  
I have never needed to write a list because she gives you amazing gifts you never knew you wanted. 
The razors in my stocking started when I was 13.
My sister was born that year in October.  This was a big deal because there is no one in between us.  
It re-energized our Christmas traditions.
You remember being 13, Santa no longer exists and Christmas is all about wanting expensive things.
Well that year, my mom, as a nod to my growing older, put razors in my stocking.  (After all Christmas is also about getting gifts of necessity.)  As a joke my mom gave me razors the next year, and the year after that. 
When my sister was 3 she became a big believer in Santa, and was for many years.  Each year as a joke mom would give me the razors 'from Santa.'
Well the joke continues today.  But now it's not just me who gets razors it's my sister too.  
Yep, 17 years of stockings with razors in them.
In fact the last couple of years, my sis and I will pull out all the stuff in our stockings and find the razors first.  
(While my husband is gawking at us, like we are from another planet.)
Santa has traditions: eating cookies, drinking milk, and leaving razors in my stocking!

On a final note.  We have started a weekly linky about theme.  We hope you will join us to talk about picture books and theme!
Have a great end to 2013.  Don't forget to link up with Farley's Currently!

EmilyK & Antionette


  1. Send some DIY mojo my way! December is wonderful for hand made gifts but I don't have any energy after teaching!

    Sending some positive vibes your way hoping you get peace of mind soon! 2014 will be your year!


  2. Stopping by from Farley's link up, I am with you on getting the DIY mojo this time of year, it always seems like this is the time of year I want to paint something or rearrange a room. I love your family's tradition of razors, those darn things are so expensive I would be esctatic to receive some. Adult problems, I guess.

  3. I know it has to be so hard to go through what you're going through. Sharing your story and thoughts hopefully will help you and others who are going through the same thing! Good vibes being sent your way!

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