Saturday, December 28, 2013

13 in '13

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This year, I am loving the sweater dress.  It's so easy to get dressed in the morning and comfortable!

 I was so looking forward to this movie:
It didn't disappoint.  I LOVE F. Scott Fitzgerald!  This movie was as close to the book as I have seen over the years.  Leo is my generations Robert Redford, I suppose.

Not only is the lead actor, Stephen Amell, unbelievably attractive, I actually like the flashbacks to the past.  

It's not so much my favorite as my MOST frequented restaurant, especially over summer break.

Doing a load of laundry when the basket is full. (i.e. doing a load about every day)
It sounds boring, but it's super practical.
I used to have marathon laundry sessions on the weekend.
Why waste my Saturday or Sunday doing laundry?

These are all things I got this year.  A mini pitcher, a heart shaped bowl, and the new lapis dish set.

I pin so much stuff, just one pin makes for a tough decision.
This year, I have been obsessed with trying food items I have pinned.
This Cowboy Lasagna was a big hit with my hubby.

If you want to follow my food pins click here.
My post about using thinking maps to teach math concepts has to be one of my faves!
Click image to go to the post.
I am conducting research for my graduate program using thinking maps to help kids with autism learn complex math topics.

Surviving infertility treatments.
In the spring, I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis.
Then 3 months of "menopause like" injections. (Hot flashes and mood changes would be putting it mildly.)
Then 2 months of fertility injection treatments.
With no success.
A hormonal and emotional roller coaster, and I am off the ride.
On to the next journey with the most wonderful and supportive husband.

This pic is my recent fave.  My wonderful dog wearing a sweater because I wanted him to!

Going to Charleston with my hubby has to be my top memory of the year.
Plus the food was amazing!  I must recommend The Glass Onion.

 To be more prepared for what is to come.
In my career and in my personal life.
To make my list and check it twice!

This is something I lack most of the time, but I will need it in my classroom and in my life in 2014!



  1. Hi! Stopping by from the linky party! Enjoyed reading your post! I live in Charleston! So glad you loved visiting! I'm off to check out your favorite blog post!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Charleston looks like a beautiful city! As a teacher you probably have far more patience than you realize.Laurie
    Chickadee Jubilee