Monday, September 10, 2012

Been a Week, Surviving Kindergarten, and Reading Notebooks... OH MY!!! :)

Is the beginning of the year always this CRAZY and BUSY?!?!

Emily and I were chatting on Friday about how busy we are and how we needed to post something.  School prep is consuming so much of our time that we haven't posted in about a week.  Then we were like, "What do we post about?"  We're doing so much, but nothing came to our minds. lol

Well I am planning to post about my kindergarten experiences as soon as I survive two more demo lessons. lol  I have always respected kindergarten teachers, but after 4 demo lessons on Friday, I have decided those teachers need to be paid MUCH MORE!!!  Every lesson of every day is like a performance.  I LITERALLY ached Friday evening. lol

So I've posted a few things about reading notebooks.  I am still very much interested in peoples' ideas and examples; especially in K-2.  I have created a document as an informational resource for my teachers.  I am going to include it on here so you all can either use it or give me input.  In the document, you will come across (see attached)  I do not have all of those on my computer as most are hard copies.  I do have links to where a great deal of my information came from, though.

Hope my document is full of useful information for you all.  How do you use reading notebooks in your classroom?

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