Monday, November 4, 2013

My Schedule: A linky

So, I am supposed to be entering math test grades, but I would rather be blogging!

TGIF (Thank Goodness It's First Grade) is hosting this linky party.
It is amazing to see how schedule differ!

My schedule:

9-9:15 Morning Work/ Student arrival from breakfast

9:20-10:25 Math
                  Mini lesson  & 3 rotations: teacher, independent work, and fact/technology practice

10:30-11:30 Reading Workshop
                  Mini lesson, Independent work time, & Share time

11:35-12:00 Lunch
                   No teacher in my district has lunch duty, thanks to our teacher contract.
                  25 mins is short for elementary lunches.  Our classes are staggered every 5 mins, so the kids    
                  don't have to wait in line.

12:00-12:45 Science or Social Studies  (These rotate by units.)

12:45-1:45 Specials
                   Monday: PE & Health
                   Tuesday: Computer lab & Music
                   Wednesday: PE & Computer lab   (Teachers in Professional Learning Team meetings
                   through the whole hour
                   Thursday: Art
                   Friday: Music & Counselor/Library Research (This is every other week.)
                   All specials are covered by certified teachers.

1:50-2:20 Recess
                  My school has 2 clerks that cover all lunch periods and then recesses.
                  There are 5 teachers in my grade level, that's around 140 students out at recess.
                  (I know it sounds crazy, but it really is awesome.)
                  Coverage is 1 adult:30 kids, which means each teacher only has recess 1 day a week!!

2:20-2:50 Guided Reading/ Word Study
                  We use Words Their Way to teach spelling and vocabulary.

2:50-3:55 Writing Workshop
                 Mini lesson, independent work, share time

3:55-4:10 Pack up and Read Aloud

We are a "late start" school, so we have are contractually there, 8:50-4:25.

On Thursdays, my district has a 30 min. early release each week for teacher professional development.  Once a month, my school has a staff meeting that extends the early release time to 5:20pm.  (I know CRAZY, right?!)

Also, my school is 2-5 and our partner school is K-1.  This means the dismissal time takes a bit longer, since the buses have to go to two schools to pick up kids.  Teachers worked last year to stream line dismissal, so we could get out of school at the end of the contract time.

What is your schedule like?


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