Saturday, September 24, 2011

Words Their Way

With every new school year comes changes to curriculum.  This year that change comes to our school in the form of Words Their Way.  From what I have learned so far, this program is primarily used for spelling, but can also benefit younger students with phonics.  Most teachers from my school have administered the spelling inventory and have graded them.  Thanks to the expertise of my fellow blogger, Emily, some of us are ready to move on to the next step; lists and word work.  We are beginning with sorting practice and developing a menu in which the students can choose various spelling activities. This is where we would like to ask for suggestions and ideas from other experts.  How do you organize your word work and lists?  What are some ways you use Words Their Way in your classrooms?
Here are the links to the spelling menu:

Antoinette & Emily


  1. I am so excited to blog about Words Their Way with you this year. I hope that we can help each other help our students as we work through the process. Best of luck to you.
    : ) Nicole

  2. So I am in the beginning stages of using Words Their way in my classroom. My first goal is to develop a structure of this program in our daily routine. So I'm starting very basic. Thank you Emily for the great ideas from your menu. I look forward to using some of those in my room. I am looking for some more activities to add to my menu; especially for 5th grade students. Any ideas?

  3. thanks so much for entering the giveaway! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!! :)