Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ultimate Presidents in History(freebies)

The election is coming up.  Just days away!!

One of my teaching partners and I created this fun twist on candidates for a mock election.

We were talking about the election, and I felt strongly that we needed to have a mock election.  My teaching partner and I both felt strongly that we didn't want to talk politics though.  

As 5th graders so much of what they believe is based on what they hear at home, not on life experience or facts. 

We are from Missouri, if you haven't heard about our Senate race, its controversial.

I just don't want to touch the election topics with a 10 foot pole!

We decided instead to elect the Ultimate Presidents in History.

Washington and Truman vs. Lincoln and Jefferson

I created these campaign posters.  (Click image to get them for FREE!)
Poster 1:

Poster 2:

All the presidents we included have been in the Social Studies curriculum, so they had knowledge about the candidates.

Now on to the election prep!
I created this Voter Registration form for my kids to fill out on Monday as we prepare for our election on Tuesday.

Also a Freebie!  Click the image to download.

Then on Tuesday we will vote!  Click the ballot to download it for free!

All items have a table number because we will be having a mock electoral vote as well.
Each table will have its vote go toward one pair of candidates.

So excited to see how it all turns out!


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  1. This was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed filling out their voter registration cards and casting their votes!