Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Going On a Field Trip!

With the beautiful weather in full swing, it was time to go on a field trip!  We have been learning about different types of communities in Social Studies.  We live in a suburban area, a (reasonable) driving distance between a larger city and a rural area.  We spend part of our time talking about our dependence on people in other communities.  This gave us the awesome opportunity to visit a dairy!
The day began with that joyous (ha!) bus ride.  Then the shocking announcement that their noses could smell the country.  (This part always makes me laugh, since my grandma lived across from a livestock sale barn and I know that smell all to well!)  We watched them bottle milk and make cheese.  We tasted all their flavored milks.  Root beer milk is always their favorite, followed by chocolate.  (Did I mention this dairy wins awards for how great the milk is?!)  Then, the best part, the kids got to milk a cow and pet a calf!  The trip ends with another fabulous bus ride. 
So where do you take your class for a field trip?


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